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Customer Feedback from IMSG Audits

“Our auditor was an excellent choice for our location. He conducted his meetings well, providing information in a concise and understandable manner. He spent a lot of time “on the floor” in process areas interviewing production employees. I was especially impressed with his ability to consistently seek the same information for each employee and to adjust his interview methods to the individual experience, educational and technical level of each employee.”

“The auditor was extremely knowledgeable about ISO and is able to communicate it better than any auditor we've worked with so far. Questions are straightforward and understandable. He knows his stuff! Our quality system and the people he interacted with, grew and improved because of his audit.”

“The auditor conducted his audit in a manner that was a credit to himself and IMSG. I had numerous positive comments from not only management personnel, but also operators. I felt he provided some useful input to help us improve our operation.”

“Our auditor may be the best I've seen. His questions were worded such a way that ‘Pat’ answers didn't work. He spent most this time with the workers and communicated very well.”

“I thought our auditor was one of the best auditors I have had the pleasure to work with. He was very thorough in his audit and provided positive input on how to better our procedures.”

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